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The Group of Companies LLC "GLAVALIANS" has been operating on the market for more than 20 years and has extensive experience in supplying pile driving and drilling equipment produced by the Finnish company "JUNTTAN" ("UNTTAN").

Deliveries of equipment by our company are carried out on a "turnkey" basis with the provision of the full range of warranty and post-warranty maintenance and the provision of spare parts and consumables required during operation. Our priority task is to maintain the company's quality standards at a high level with simultaneous constant dialogue and maintaining good partnerships with customers of our equipment.

Buyers are offered one of the best in class equipment, one of the best price-quality ratio, flexible conditions, optimal delivery times. The equipment offered by us represents a complete line of JUNTTAN pile-driving plants (in some sources referred to as the JUNTTAN piling machine, JUNTTAN junk, JUNTTAN jig saw, JUNTTAN pile driving machine), JUNTTAN multifunctional drilling rigs (in some The JUNTTAN hydraulic hammers (JUNTTAN hydraulic hammer, JUNTTAN hammer), JUNTTAN vibration jammers (JUNTTAN vibrating hammer), JUNTTAN hydraulic jammers (JUNTTAN hydraulic jammers, JUNTTAN hydraulic hammers, JUNTTAN hydraulic hammers, ), drilling rotors "JUNTTAN" (drilling rotor "JUNTT AN, JUNTTAN drill head, JUNTTAN rotator) and JUNTTAN power stations (JUNTTAN power station, JUNTTAN oil station), as well as a full line of crawler cranes«IHI».

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